Claire, artist and creative talent, draws her inspiration from nature, culture and technology.  She captures the essence of a given source and then encapsulates it as an object unto itself, manipulating art to more nearly achieve the perfection of the natural image.


Born into design through her father’s life devoted to architecture, Claire completed her art studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  She continued her study of art at Portland State University in Oregon.  Finally she completed her education at the Art Institute of San Francisco.  Since then she has continued to pursue her dream in the field of art and design.


Claire’s career began in 1973, actively working as both painter and photographer.  She took her career to New York City, lured by the bustling, creative world of art and immediately began to express herself through textiles, both commercially and for residential interior design.  Companies such as Schumacher, Martex, and Columbus Coated purchased her designs on a regular basis until Claire was discovered by Cesar Color, Inc.


There Claire found herself at the forefront of the nascent field of “Architectural Glass and Decorative Glass Products.”  She was hired as head of the Art Department at Cesar Color, overseeing and managing all creative expression of products in glass.  Claire then launched her own company, NVC-Design, in collaboration with Ninive Petricelli.  Here they continued to bring images to light through design and production of manufactured glass works.


Claire is successful in working closely with interlayer suppliers. She has worked such as Dupont and laminators like Viracom.  She was instrumental in the revamping the concept of “decorative glass products.”

The Process


Claire and associates give the designer free reign in choosing a technology, imagery and surface effects.  Choice of technology involves, of course, different price points, looks and function.  There are some design effects that appear the same independent of the technology chosen, while in others the technology determines the ultimate expression.  It is natural to ask, “What do I get for a more expensive technology?”  Some technologies are more versatile, permitting more subtlety and detail.  We take the time to explain the process and your options.  Budgetary considerations can be fit to the choice of technology.

What it Takes


When a Fibonacci Series is applied to large format images, the iterations and complexity evoke a sense of similarity, where the whole looks like the part and the part, the whole. There is an ambient quality of light and imagery. The work’s value is in bringing in clients and branding a building or a room. As the viewer walks in the door, the work evokes a feeling of comfort, goodwill, intelligence and understanding: “these are my kind of people; I can work with them.” The work can also transport their thoughts while at the same time making them comfortable in the space they reside. The space itself will get noticed for its surface depth and its inspiration. The designer can make their mark using Claire and associates to translate their concept through a choice of materials and light effects.



Claire Steiner works with professional consultants, who provide expertise in lighting, video projection, engineering, drafting, manufacturing, marketing and web design.


Presently Claire Steiner and associates offer a comprehensive collection of large format designs and technology in glass. Works can be standardized for retail situations, including rollouts, high-end residential, restaurants, bars, hotels, museums, schools, hospitals, night clubs and resorts.


Claire Steiner and associates specialize in architectural glass, wall coverings and textiles.  Claire creates large format imagery, collaborating with manufacturers in a variety of media.  Currently designers, developers, architects, artists, producers and the glazing community contact Claire to bring their ideas to light.  Claire and associates are the know-how experts in creating fresh, relevant projects.


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