Types of Technologies


Treatment: glass can be annealed, tempered or heat

Strengthened Form:  glass can be flat or bent to shape with notches, cutouts or fine water

Jet Cut Make-Up: glass can be sand-blasted, low-iron, matte, low-emissivity, or

Standard Edges: water-jet cut, laser-cut, polished or hand-ground

Color: color can be customized entirely to your  specification

Thickness: thickness is to your requirement

Maintenance: easy to clean durable, glass surfaces

Added Value:  create a green product

Solar: transmissivity and anti-ultraviolet

Types of Technology for Imaging

Glass Specs


The glass products are composed of two lites of glass and a resilient, shatter-proof polymer interlayer. This glass meets all regulatory architectural specifications and applies equally well in both residential and commercial applications.


The technology has been proven to have durability with a quality control process that specifies depth, clarity of color and line definition.




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