Ceramic Frit ™


WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES-allows permanent placing of design using just one lite of glass,helps control uv,and controls light,can be translucent or opaque,can be very large format,can create very fine lines with rich coverage-cost effective

WHAT IT IS-a printed design applied by digital or screen printing,applied to #2 surface of glass that creates a permanent bond with the glass

HOW IT WORKS-can be translucent or opaque- one can choose standard or custom designHIGH PERFORMANCE COATING

Extremely Large Format Printing. A proprietary technology applies a High Performance Coating directly onto glass then baked to permanently seal the graphic with the glass. Images affectively float on the monolithic non-tempered or tempered glass instead of laminated. ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCT SIZE Maximum 180” x 204”

Types of Ceramic Frit ™








Glass Specs


The glass products are composed of two lites of glass and a resilient, shatter-proof polymer interlayer. This glass meets all regulatory architectural specifications and applies equally well in both residential and commercial applications.


The technology has been proven to have durability with a quality control process that specifies depth, clarity of color and line definition.




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