Backpainted Glass

1.WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES-wide variety of applications,can be used with any kind of glass,helps with uv light exposure,water resistant,durable color control,color matching,no need for lamination,can be cost effective and combined with other technologies.

WHAT IT IS-special  permanent inks are used to create a permanent bond to one surface of glass.It covers the entire surface with any color

HOW IT WORKS-a tough sleek alternative to wall surfaces-a tough and beautiful alternative to glass tiles,and any other surface material such as wallpaper-works with residential and commercial applications.Meets industry standards and can be installed with mirror mastic,clear silicon glue, or any other glazing techniques-look to the colors for help in choosing

Types of Backpainted Glass








Glass Specs


The glass products are composed of two lites of glass and a resilient, shatter-proof polymer interlayer. This glass meets all regulatory architectural specifications and applies equally well in both residential and commercial applications.


The technology has been proven to have durability with a quality control process that specifies depth, clarity of color and line definition.




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