WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES-meets all architectural specifications-screen printing creates sumptuous rich color giving depth to 2d surfaces.amazing line control and opacity control using the most sophisticated large format machines.No job is too small or too large.The most permanent of technologies.Claire has created a wide variety of standards to choose from or create your own.Easily cleaned as the image is protected between 2 lites of glass


WHAT IT IS-screen printing on interlayer creating a permanent bond between 2 pieces of glass.A process created for facades and interiors. .HOW IT WORKS- when you have a limited number of colors you would choose this technology.It can be widely used in both residential and commercial applications.Choose from claires original standards in perfect repeat or give her your artwork to translate in permanent screenprinting technology.She provides all graphic printing services.Like in all the technologies, a sample is created first,at an affordable cost.EXTERIOR PIGMENTTM TECHNOLOGY Exterior PigmentTM coatings are microscopically thin, layers deposited through Scrim on to a thermo- substrate material. Then laminated between glass to reduce the U-Factor by Suppressing Radioactive Heat Flow. Helps Reduce heat-loss but allows the room to be warm by any sunshine.


Types of Pigment ™


Glass Specs


The glass products are composed of two lites of glass and a resilient, shatter-proof polymer interlayer. This glass meets all regulatory architectural specifications and applies equally well in both residential and commercial applications.


The technology has been proven to have durability with a quality control process that specifies depth, clarity of color and line definition.




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