Digna™ Full Color Process

High resolution full color process that can be used to create panel to panel match, can review in advance the process and imagery-Provides all architectural requirements because the image is printed on an interlayer and laminated between 2 pieces of glass so is scratch and scruff resistant


Digna is a full color interlayer laminated to create molecular bonded glass using a permanently bonded technology, any image can be created and claire has created a wide range of large format standard designs ready to go in perfect repeat, so they can be cut at any point,or you can give her any idea or your artwork.Using photoshop software the image is then produced using the most high tech processes in existence.Claire can also take any of your historical imagery from the days of film and translate them to the 21st century and enlarge.


When you have an application however large or small,to make a statement for relatively low cost, the visual design solutions combine to create any degree of opacity,translucency, or transparency. A quality control process creates depth,clarity of color,combining safety glass with beauty.A specification is created and installation is a team effort of engineers,glass manufacturers,and glazers,Digna TM is an innovative product that is Chemically processed. We use a full color process technology and continuous tone treatment to create photographic Imagery. Working pixel by pixel we create surfaces that resonate with the conditions of opacity translucency and reflection. A combination of densities also applies for double sided Imagery. (We laminate the images in glass for many variable applications.)


ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCT SIZES Patterns, Colors, Gradations and Custom textures are available in Maximum 50” x 180” (1245mm x 4570)

Types of Digna™

Glass Specs


The glass products are composed of two lites of glass and a resilient, shatter-proof polymer interlayer. This glass meets all regulatory architectural specifications and applies equally well in both residential and commercial applications.


The technology has been proven to have durability with a quality control process that specifies depth, clarity of color and line definition.




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