Take a look at our lines of design. Our samples of standard imagery and effects can be shown in a variety of color, translucencies and technologies, given the variety of applications they can be used for. Let us know what you want and we will get you a sample, straight from our standard lines, or we can customize. From there you can specify dimensions and requirements to fit your project, and we will provide pricing, lead time and excellent service.

Unique Designs


The Nature of the Work


There is an underlying order with ambient effects. Claire translates a visual vocabulary from one discipline to the next: from fashion to mathematics to science to art to architecture to engineering and finally rendered through digital computing. Pictures, not formulae, are the source of repetitions, revealing a hidden dimension from different points of view, as in fractal mathematics. All of the images are in repeat, meaning they can be adjusted to any dimensions and yet give the feeling there is no start or end point. The shapes can be jagged, broken or smooth yet continuously bring to light that which was previously hidden. Images can fade from foreground to background, while the client has the liberty to adjust the gradation to suit the viewing conditions.


The imagery can generate a new function – structure with a combination of frequencies – revealing an underlying network for the overall design. By adding nuanced little bits which can barely be measured, the image becomes an increasingly more detailed composition. Claire’s work has multi-functional motifs and genres where form and pattern matter, imitating nature and allowing for a choice of materials. Picturesque in context, the images become flexible and translatable into whatever final product the client may have in mind.

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